Emotional Health and Wellbeing Policy

It is the policy of Aberbargoed Primary School to promote health and well being throughout the school. It promotes: alcohol awareness, diet, exercise and by liaison with appropriate external agencies; prevents, as far as possible, any circumstances that can be described as detrimental to the mental health and well being of children and staff. It is the responsibility of the school to:

  • Promote the emphasis towards good health and wellbeing.
  • Ensure the provision of support and advisory services.
  • Provide training for staff in the area of wellbeing and mental health problems.
  • Promote and encourage a non-stigmatising environment.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the policy regularly.

It is the responsibility of all school staff to ensure that they:

  • Maintain a non-stigmatising environment for children and staff.
  • Treat children and each other with dignity and respect, as individuals, and not as a problem or a condition.
  • Uphold confidentiality while safety is not at risk.
  • Recognise their own limits of how they can support both themselves and others.

The children will be encouraged to:

  • Contribute towards maintaining a non-stigmatising environment.
  • Treat each other and their teachers with dignity and respect and not label one and other or treat each other simply as a problem or a condition.
  • Understand the confidentiality procedure and the fact that these will need to be breached if their behaviour is evidently going to put them at risk.
  • Recognise their own limits as to how they can support themselves and each other and know when to seek help or advice.

At Aberbargoed Primary School we recognise that it is essential to have a good relationship with the local community. We promote:

  • The involvement of parents, local recreation and leisure agencies, local businesses and the wider community within the school.
  • We ensure that local agencies such as, social services, the police and medical teams, and specialist provision such, as behaviour support, are aware of the health and welfare issues regarding the children and seek further to develop relationships and conduct regular communication with these agencies.

We shall utilise data and opportunities from provided by pupil surveys and questionnaires PASS, Circle Time, PSE, SAP etc to help develop our pupils wellbeing.

School has information which is shared with all staff on the Carefirst wellbeing, information and referral service, via leaflets and RAMIS4Schools.

David Lewis, Headteacher