Parents Policy

“Parents must accept that the responsibility for the education of young children is one  they share with the school; they handicap their child for life if they do not give the support the child needs to give of his or her best.”

Sir Ron Dearing – The National Curriculum And Its Assessment, (1993).

Communication is a vital element in our relationship with parents and at Aberbargoed Primary School we aim to develop a partnership of mutual understanding and trust as the basis of our shared responsibility by:-

  • The School Prospectus – This document is available to all parents and is given to all parents of new entrants to our school. The Prospectus will be regularly updated in the light of new information and legislation. Its contents include school details, school aims and curriculum statement, charging and remissions policy, use of the Welsh language, pastoral care, extracurricular activities, school meals, attendance, how parents can help our school, uniform details, National Curriculum assessment results, the LEA and Governing Body contacts;
  • The Annual Report Of The Governing Body To Parents – Issued each Autumn to all parents and discussed at a meeting for parents and members of the Governing Body;
  • Newsletters – The school newsletters will inform parents of the dates of class and school activities and some of the topics being studied in class. They also give more general items of school news and other information for parents;
  • Home School Agreement – By carrying out their roles and responsibilities as detailed in the Home School Agreement;
  • School Functions – By supporting children in school functions such as Class Assemblies, School Concerts etc;
  • Parental Consultation – Individual consultation between parent and teacher probably provides the single most important opportunity for parents to find out about their child’s progress and how to help them. Teachers will be available for parental consultations each term. Discussion will focus on all aspects of the child’s work, including reports, behaviour, interests in and out of school, how parents can support their child’s education. Parents of pupils on the SEN Register will also be invited to attend a termly meeting to review the progress and needs of their child;
  • Parents are encouraged to visit the School at any time to discuss their child’s progress by arrangement with the Headteacher;
  • Parent Governors – These are also invited to play their part in the life of the school so that they can have the chance to carry out their assigned responsibilities with as much information as possible;
  • Fund Raising – By helping the Parent Teacher Association/Friends Of Aberbargoed in their many activities.

The Headteacher welcomes visits by parents to school and will generally see them at any time during the day. It is always helpful though for parents to arrange an appointment so sufficient time can be allocated for discussion. This applies to teaching staff also. This assists in reducing the level of formality, building mutual trust and respect and improving the flow of information, which can be, beneficial to the people involved.