Aberbargoed Primary School council Action Plan 2016 -2017

Throughout the year, we as a School Council would like to pursue the following actions to help make a positive impact on Aberbargoed Primary, our local community and the World we live in.

Objective: What are we trying to do? Action: How will we do this? Who will do this? When will this be done? Progress
Target 1:  Raise the profile of School Council  within the school
Who we are.
To make sure that everyone in school knows who their school councillors are.
  • Have our photographs and names in a prominent place in the school corridor.
  • Have our SC roles on the SC notice board.
  • Introduce ourselves in an assembly and tell all pupils who we are, what we do and that they can feedback their ideas to us to share at school council meetings.
  • Miss Snailham
  • All councillors.
  • By the end of September 2016
  • By the end of October 2016
  • By the end of September 2016
To keep the school council page of the website updated.
  • To include our action plan on the website
  • To update the website with our minutes.
  • Miss Snailham
  • School councillors
  • By the end of Autumn term 2016
  • monthly
To keep the school informed of our achievements.

  • To write a section for the school newsletter each half term.
  • The council secretaries.
By the end of spring and summer terms

Target 2: Fundraise to raise money for charity and sports equipment for Play times.
To carry out fundraising activities at least once a term.

  • To keep up to date with fundraising and charity events.
  • To inform the school of any upcoming fundraising events.
  • To organise the event at relevant school council meetings.
  • To count up money raised.
  • All councillors
  • All councillors

Ongoing as required


Ongoing as required

Target 3: To improve Playtime/introduce daily mile.
Keeping up to date with the outdoor building / playtimes

  • 1)Monito sports cupboard and play equipment each half term
  • 2) Find out from classes what children want to play with at break and lunchtime
  • 3) Choose and buy some new equipment
  • Organise fund raises – money raised will be used for new equipment.
  • Teacher on duty to organise the daily mile.
  • All councillors
  • Teachers on duty